Heavy Equipment Training in Pennsylvania

Name of Heavy Equipment Training School

Heavy Equipment Training Programs Offered

School Type and Setting

Tuition and Fees

Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and TechnologyDiesel Technician, Heavy Equipment Operations with Class A Operators LicenseLess than two-year, public; rural$9,495- $10,485 for program (2013)*
Community College of Allegheny CountyHeavy Equipment Operating Engineers Apprenticeship CertificateTwo-year, public; large city$3,312 per year in-district; $6,332 per year in-state; $9,198 per year out-of-state (2012-2013)**
Forbes Road Career and Technology CenterDiesel TechnologyLess than two-year, public; large suburb$5,850 for program (2012-2013 tuition only)*
Greater Johnstown Career and Technology CenterMobile Equipment Operations Technology DiplomaLess than two-year, public; small suburb$11,550 for program (2013) *
Johnson CollegeDiesel Truck Technology Associate in Applied Science, Diesel Preventative Maintenance Technology CerTwo-year, private not-for-profit; small city$16,630 per year (2012-2013)**
Lancaster County Career and Technology CenterHighway Construction/Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance Skills Certificate, Diesel EquipmentLess than two-year, public; large suburb$7,565-$7,940 total program cost (2012-2013)*
Lebanon County Area Vocational Technical SchoolDiesel Truck TechnologyLess than two-year, public; small suburb$6,075 (2012-2013 program cost)*
Pennsylvania College of TechnologyAssociate of Applied Science in Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Caterpillar Equipment, OperFour-year, public; small city$14,370 per year in-state; $18,000 per year out-of-state (2012-2013 tuition and fees)**
Rosedale Technical InstituteDiesel Technology Diploma, Associate Degree in Specialized Technology: Diesel TechnologyTwo-year, private not-for-profit; large suburb$12,790 per year (2012-2013 tuition and fees)*
Schuylkill Technology CenterHeavy Equipment OperatorLess than two-year, public; fringe rural$9,335 for program (2012-2013 tuition and fees)**